Why did you go into hairdressing?
I’ve always been attracted to women and their beautiful world. Many years ago I went into my local hairdresser and asked for a positon as an apprentice for the summer school break, it was love at first sight with the hair world. This was over 35 years ago.

What did you love about hairdressing?
I love that a new hairstyle can bring joy to people, it’s great when a new client comes to my shop and nervously trusts me to make a change to her hair, and by the end the look of satisfaction and admiration is something money can’t buy.

What products are you using currently in your salon?
Since 2021 I’ve been a MUK Hybrid Colorist,  so for what concern the traditional coloration I use MUK Hybrid Cream Hair Colour (permanent color with the lowest amount of ammonia in the make), and MUK Hybrid Demi Gloss and also Redken Shades EQ (demi-permanent tone-on-tone). While as an ammonia-free color, I’ve just changed and went for A New Color by Davines, which is the best in its category in the markets at the moment.
My styling and finishing products are from Redken and La Bioestetique. while my main shampoos and conditioners are from Davines (best sustainable hair-cosmetic company in the world).

What’s your advice to young hairdressers?
My advice to the young ones starting in the industry is to work with the best people you can find. If you have to travel a long way, do it. If you are not earning a lot of money, just do it. The training is essential whatever the cost. If you are around good hairdressers it doesn’t matter if they are in a fancy center or hiding in a small lane, it’s all about the enthusiasm and craftsmanship.

What is the main mistake that a hairstylist can do?
The main mistake that a hairstylist can do is: not to listen properly to the clients needs and requests, the better we listen the better service we deliver!

I desperately need a change. I have had the same hair style for the last few years. My hair is long and straight, I generally just tie it back in a long pony tail. I don’t want to have it cut I need a change , but what? 
There are numerous styles available and experimenting is always fun. Curls are big this season so use your curling tongs or heated rollers; mixing soft curls with straight sections give you a Bohemian look very quickly, and also large casual curls look super-sexy and take no time at all. Alternatively tie your hair back, braided it, high or low ponytails give a very different look and simple to do. Slicked back hair is very glamorous to wear, or pin hair loosely back for a very laid-back look.

I straighten my hair with the iron once sometimes twice a day (if I’m going out!) My hair goes fuzzy if I don’t iron it!
Heat-activated hair products will sort this problem out for you. We advise Davines Momo Hair potion and Love Hair smoother, apply just before using your straightening iron. This should leave your hair looking ultra-shiny.

My hair is so fine that when I am blow waving it, it tangles easily, what can I do?
You can solve this problem at the conditioning stage. Apply the conditioner and before rinsing use a wide-toothed comb taking care not to tug at the hair as this causes it to break easily. Use a very light leave-in conditioner such as Davines Dede Hair Mist or Davines Well-Being  De Stress Lotion, which are both very good at closing your hair cuticles, increasing your hair’s manageability and giving extra definition and shine.

Help !!! I would love my dry and frizzy hair to be shiny and straight !!!
This can be simply done in a few minutes using a straightening cream such as Davines Love Hair Smoother. Distribute Love Hair Smoother cream between your palms and smooth all over the towel dried hair just before you blow dry it. Start blow drying your hair commencing at the root. Brush each section with a flat paddle brush wrapping one at a time around a round brush. On completion blast with a hairdryer for 10 seconds and unroll.

Short. How can we make it look soft and feminine.
Long layers on top make a short style look fuller and feminine. A heavy fringe worn over the eyes makes for a cheeky finish. The most important thing with short hair is texture which can be achieved with slicing or razoring , or by the application of foils with different color tonalities.